Go Pink for life - Don't drink and drive

Don't drink and drive
Go Pink for life




Tragedy off Luttach

Southtirol, Italy

January 5th, 2020


1   DRUNK   Driver

7 fatalities
10 seriously injured
Many traumatized and bereaved people,
for whom nothing will ever be the same again!



Since 5th January 2020, coming to terms with this tragedy has been a daily struggle for the survivors and parents of those who were left injured and traumatised. There are no words to describe the sadness and shock we have experienced. Every day is painful and things will never be the same again. As a mother who has lost her child, with the support of friends, I want to start this campaign to help us all deal with this tragedy.

Our daughter Janine Benecke was only 22 years old when her life was taken by a drunk driver. She lived life to the full, especially after surviving cancer in 2015. Her positive attitude to life was infectious.




Along with her trademarks, Flamingos and the color pink, Janine will be the heart of our campaign and will provide a voice to the other victims of the accident in Luttach. Our campaign allows us to remember Janine as well as the other victims in Luttach and victims of drink driving incidents nationally and globally.


With your support, we can raise public awareness of this issue as well as make the world a little more pink. If our campaign prevents even just one accident in the future, then we have been successful in achieving our goal.

Why did we choose a non-profit company (gemeinnützige Unternehmensgesellschaft or gUG)?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, establishing our own non-profit charity would have been complicated and time consuming so our lawyer suggested that we created a non-profit company to enable us to start making an impact. Our campaign is still structured like a non-profit association and fits the same requirements of non-profit status.