Go Pink for life - Don't drink and drive

Don't drink and drive
Go Pink for life







We are aware that effective campaigns against drink-driving already exist and that we all have the same goal in preventing accidents like in Luttach. However, in dealing with this issue, our focus and core message is to:


Get involved 

Moral courage – instead of ignorance 

Take action – instead of looking the other way



Each and every one of us should stand up and stop a drunk driver from getting behind the driving wheel of a car. Behaviour needs to change – START taking action, STOP ignoring it. 


 Our campaign stems from the position of those directly affected by drink driving. We hope that the message we make is emotional and hard-hitting and has a thought-provoking impact on others.


Our long term goals, underpinned by our core message:


  • Education, training and provision of knowledge in the field of alcohol and drug consumption and its effects on road traffic participation locally, regionally, nationally and globally
  • Development, promotion and implementation of awareness-raising measures on alcohol and drug consumption and its effects on road participation in various formats for different age groups  
  • Promotion and implementation of projects, initiatives, actions and campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drugs on the roads